How to use props for your Personal Branding photography sessions

Are you tired of seeing the same coffee cups, mobile phones, and laptops in every Personal Branding photoshoot? Don’t get me wrong, I still capture people in the midst of their work, whether they’re sipping coffee, typing away on their laptops or chatting on the phone. However, I always strive to take their Personal Branding sessions to the next level by incorporating additional props and elements. This helps to make their photoshoot truly unique and brilliant.

Here are some ideas on how to use props to tell your story and showcase the personality of your brand in a unique and memorable way :

What you wear for the photo shoot is very important and I always send my clients a guide before the session but accessories are also very important. You can make a statement with hats, sunglasses, jewelry, watches, and bags. These everyday items can help make your photos look natural and relatable and changing up your accessories can help us to create a variety of different looks with the same outfit.

– Tools of the trade:
Computers and mobile phones are essential props for any branding photoshoot. But you can bring along notebooks or pens that match your brand colors for a consistent online presence and to showcase your knowledge and expertise.


I once had a Personal Branding session for a professional DJ and she brought along her headphones. Including items that people can relate to can help make your photos more approachable and resonate more with your audience.


– Products
Showcase the products you sell. You might have your products featured on your website but it is important to have photos of YOU with them. It would be even better if we can show how you make these products! People are very curious and love to see „behind the scenes”. If you don’t have a physical product, you might want to bring props that represent the services you offer.
For example, you could bring a sign that says „I Offer ____” and show pictures of the services you offer.

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Show off your love of reading by adding your favorite books to your prop list. Are you an industry expert? Share the magazines and journals you read to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in your field.

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– What would you like to celebrate?
Whether it’s a birthday, milestone, award, or upcoming client win, you can bring balloons, candles, champagne, cake, and confetti! Even if you don’t have any wins yet, let’s anticipate them and get the party started!

In addition to props, you can include people in your branding photoshoot! Showing how you interact with your clients can tell a lot about you and your business.

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What do you have marked on your calendar for the upcoming weeks? Are there any special occasions you’d like to promote on your social media, emails, or other marketing channels? Are you a speaker at an event? Show off the program or your event badge!

One of the most common sources of anxiety when being photographed is not knowing what to do with your hands. Fortunately, providing a prop to hold, especially one that requires a specific action, can quickly put these worries to rest! Another solution to this problem is to practice posing beforehand. An experienced photographer will take pictures of you in different positions and practice the different poses until you feel comfortable with them.

The more comfortable you feel, the more confident you appear, and this will be evident to the viewer.

So don’t be afraid to get creative and bring a variety of items to your photoshoot!

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How to use Personal Branding photography for branding and marketing purposes

Do you know that you need to update your social media profiles but dread the thought of jumping in front of the camera?

Are you sick of spending hours looking for a good photo of you (that you actually like) in your iPhone to post for your business only to end up posting nothing?

Wish you were younger, 10kg lighter and 20 times better at taking selfies?

I hear this all the time from clients who are concerned when it comes to showing up for their business and work online.

You want images that look professional – but not too stiff and fake.

Getting yourself out there in an authentic way on Social Media can seem overwhelming, a bit daunting and can make you feel quite vulnerable.

But what if you had a collection of images & videos of you that you love? Images that not only tell the stories you know you need to be telling but show an energetic and confident you to help connect PEOPLE to your brand.

I work with executives and business owners who know they need to show up online and can help you tick this off your list.

Just send me a message at to learn how simple this can be with the right person in your corner (and behind the lens).


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Personal Branding photo session in Zurich Switzerland

Personal Branding session Zürich – Coach, Mentor and Consultant

I know Catherine for more than 20 years. We first met at the end of the ´90s when she was the Head of Marketing for a well known multinational corporation and I was responsible for that account within the Advertising agency. Our paths diverged at one point and Catherine pursued her successful career in the corporate world, across various countries and geographies, but we met again some years ago when I moved to Zürich, Switzerland.

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Catherine is a coach, mentor and consultant and she is using her 30+ years of experience to help others maximize their potential. I was very excited when she booked a Personal Branding session with me and honored that she chose me to create the photos she needed.

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We started the photo session in the middle of the city of Zürich, at one of my favorite places the 25hours hotel – Langstrasse.

The photos show Catherine´s vibrant personality, the way she is interacting with her clients and offer a glimpse in her daily life.

Catherine has so much to teach and giving back to the community is extremely important to her. She is now a mentor in the Ithaka mentoring program offered by the Office for Youth and Career Guidance of the Canton of Zurich / Switzerland to support high school students looking to enter professional life. 

Are you ready for your own Personal Branding session? Contact me at and let’s talk.

You are amazing. Your photos should be too!

DSC07195 blog Yuliia

Personal Branding photo session in Zurich – Social Media Specialist

Yuliia is a Social Media specialist and needed professional images for her website. She came to me because she knows that a successful marketing strategy is closely linked to her online persona.

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We started our photo shoot in Zürich, near Europa Alee. I like this area because it has a business atmosphere and there are a lot of cafes and restaurants where one can stop for a couple of photos.

We started with coffee at the Hiltl Europa Alee and discussed the final details of the photo session. Yuliia is very easy to talk to and although she had a clear idea of the type of photos she wanted, she was also open to my suggestions.

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The weather was fantastic and we explored several locations in the area and took a couple of shots.

As Yuliia is based in Zürich and knows the area well, we wanted to go some of her beloved spots in the city. We headed towards Lindenhof and the Old town.

The time flew by so fast as we both enjoyed every second of the photo session and she now has a wide variety of images that she can use for her Website and Social Media platforms.


YOU are your brand

It’s never too early to create your professional brand.

Lately, I have seen a growing interest from young adults, in need of business images for their LinkedIn profile or to put on their resume.
Usually, they are in their final years of University, or are preparing to enter the workforce.

They might have just started gaining work experience, but they are digital natives who understand the need to project a credible and professional image that will help them differentiate themselves from other candidates.
Many big universities recognize this necessity and, as a result, they organize special HEADSHOT events for their students.

Their sessions are fast and simple, demanding little preparation on the students’ part.
After the photo shoot, they receive a password-protected online gallery with the best images. From there, they can choose the ones they prefer and those will be retouched (if needed).

It is important to mention that these images are different from their Senior photo sessions (which allow more creativity) because the aim is not only to show their personality, but crucially, to convey their desire for professional commitments and their qualities and skillset.

Here is an image from the Headshots session I had with my son. He is very active in several student organizations and needed some photos for his LinkedIn and future applications. These photos were also an important confidence boost which helped him developing a good frame of mind for introducing himself, both online and in-person.

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How Personal Branding Photography can help your business

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Verba volantscripta manent” states the Latin proverb, meaning: „Spoken words fly away, written words remain”. You might be asking yourself why this is relevant for Personal Branding photography?

You always think before opening your mouth to say something. This principle should be even more important when posting something online, especially when you want to communicate WHO you are and WHAT you do.

Let´s say you are an entrepreneur creating your website; the images you are using can say a thousand words. For that reason, you should make sure they are the right ones! What sets you apart from the pack?

When you are talking to your audience make sure that your message is clear. This is where I can help you!

My passion is to help and accompany you in your journey to create the image and brand that truly represents you, by letting your customers know what you have in store. I accomplish this by highlighting your skills and strengths through a professional and tailored photo session that brings passion to your brand. You are your brand, so make it the best it can be!

Personal branding photography allows you to put your knowledge and expertise front and center, and build a strong relationship with clients from the first minute that they enter your website. By showing off your unique talents and experience, you create your niche and build a foundation for trust with your ideal clients.

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Steve Jobs once said: „Get closer than ever to your customers.” In today´s world, this is critical if you want to be successful in your business. What is your strategy for achieving this?

Do you want to know more about my Personal Branding sessions? Contact me at and let´s chat.

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Personal Branding sessions(1)(1)

Personal Branding sessions

Carmen Personal Branding sessions 1024x256 1

Personal Branding photography is a relatively new aspect of visual branding, with wise business owners jumping on board to take their branding to the next level.

A Personal Branding photography session differs from a typical headshot/portrait session in several ways. With headshots, the focus is simply you, usually shot from the waist up.

Headshots are incorporated into personal branding sessions, but we don’t stop there. We delve into not just who you are visually but telling the story of what you do and why you do it via detail shots, lifestyle shots, photos of you in action, you with your products, etc. 
The possibilities are vast and each session is customized to best reflect the type of business you run and the message you wish to communicate about your brand through images.

These Personal Branding sessions are more customized than a headshot session, so there are lots of factors to consider including the location(s), outfits, branding colors your brand messaging, etc. Therefore, our pre-shoot experience will be more involved and in depth in the pre-planning stages. I will help you decide how to best translate your brand into images that you can use on social media, your website and in advertising. Each brand is different and each session is personalized.

You will end up investing more into this type of session than you would with a headshot session, simply because you’re getting a wider variety of images, and more time spent with planning, consulting, and finally, shooting. With these images the end goal is to help you be more profitable in your business, so think of these images as a true investment in your brand.

How do you know if you need a Personal Branding session?

You should consider a Personal Branding session:

  •  If you own any kind of business.
  •  If you are the face of your brand and it is important for people to connect with you.
  • If you wish to take your business to the next level by stepping up your visual branding.
  • If you want your ads to look fresh, polished and professional.

Do you want to know more about my Personal Branding sessions?
Send me a message at and let’s talk.

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