YOU are your brand

It’s never too early to create your professional brand.

Lately, I have seen a growing interest from young adults, in need of business images for their LinkedIn profile or to put on their resume.
Usually, they are in their final years of University, or are preparing to enter the workforce.

They might have just started gaining work experience, but they are digital natives who understand the need to project a credible and professional image that will help them differentiate themselves from other candidates.
Many big universities recognize this necessity and, as a result, they organize special HEADSHOT events for their students.

Their sessions are fast and simple, demanding little preparation on the students’ part.
After the photo shoot, they receive a password-protected online gallery with the best images. From there, they can choose the ones they prefer and those will be retouched (if needed).

It is important to mention that these images are different from their Senior photo sessions (which allow more creativity) because the aim is not only to show their personality, but crucially, to convey their desire for professional commitments and their qualities and skillset.

Here is an image from the Headshots session I had with my son. He is very active in several student organizations and needed some photos for his LinkedIn and future applications. These photos were also an important confidence boost which helped him developing a good frame of mind for introducing himself, both online and in-person.

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