5 Great Locations for Personal Branding Photography


Selecting the right location for your Personal Branding Photography demonstrates creativity, attention to detail and a commitment to delivering a distinct brand experience.

Unveiling the essence of your personal brand through photography requires more than just a camera and a subject. The location you choose can be the catalyst that ignites the fire of inspiration, amplifies your message, and leaves an unforgettable mark on your audience. 

After talking with several of my clients I acknowledged that finding the right location can be difficult. That is why based on their needs, I always make some recommendations.

From the familiar comforts of your home or office to the lively ambiance of cafes, the modernity of co-working spaces, the sophistication of hotels or different areas in the city, the choice of location sets the tone, enhances your story and reflects your personality.

What are the things you should take into consideration when deciding on a location?

You need to consider different factors like:

  • What kind of vibe do you want to portray in your images? Is it going to be flashy and fun or professional and straightforward?
  • What kind of message do you want to send? Do you want people to see how hard you work or your fun side?
  • How do you want people to feel when they look at your photos? Are you looking for an intimate experience or something visual that will really catch their eye in an instant?

Here are some examples of shooting locations and some tips on why you should choose them:

1.        Your Home or Office: : 


Imagine capturing the essence of your personal brand in the space that resonates with you the most. You will be able to showcase your work environment, convey professionalism and add a personal touch. A stylishly designed home office or a well-curated corner of your living space can create a unique visual narrative that reflects authenticity and establishes a strong bond with your audience.

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2.       Cafe/Restaurants: 

The cafes and restaurants offer a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere for personal branding photography. They can evoke a sense of creativity, leisure, or social engagement, depending on the ambiance you’re looking to transmit. 

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3.        Co-Working Spaces: 

Step away from the static studio setups and embrace the dynamic environment of Co-working spaces.

These collaborative working spaces have gained popularity in recent years, providing stylish and contemporary settings that are well-suited for personal branding photography. I often use them because these spaces exude a sense of modernity and innovation, enabling my clients to position themselves as forward-thinking industry leaders.

Beyond providing a stunning backdrop, coworking spaces offer valuable networking opportunities. During our photography session you may cross paths with like-minded professionals, fostering meaningful connections that could lead to exciting collaborations and potential business growth.


4.        Hotels/Rented Apartments: 

Hotels or rented apartments can offer a versatile backdrop for personal branding photography, allowing me to experiment with various themes and moods. The elegant and well-designed interiors of hotels can convey a sense of luxury and sophistication, while rented apartments can provide a cozy and intimate atmosphere. 

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5.        Outdoor Settings: 


Many of my photo sessions take place in the city because it offers a vast range of possibilities for personal branding photography. The parks, streets or architectural landmarks add visual interest and context to your brand visuals and infuse your images with a sense of energy, freedom, and exploration.


The right location can make all the difference in how people react when they see your photos, so don’t just choose any old place!
Choose somewhere that reflects who YOU are and what YOU stand for as a person and business owner.

Ready to enhance your personal brand?

Contact me at info@carmen.photo and we’ll work together to create photos that showcase your brand and attract your ideal clients.

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