Celebrate your femininity

If you have selected this tab, you want to see yourself in a new light.


Might 2023 be the year when you reinvent yourself? Or at least smarten your image? Or perhaps you feel something’s amiss.

Your children are grown up. Or your relationship feels less vibrant. Or perhaps, it’s something more deep-rooted. At any rate, however you feel, you detect that your sense of identity is less clear, maybe even shifting. It’s both discomfort and an opportunity.

Who would you like to be in the next chapter of your life?

Which woman would you like the world to see? Who do you want to be on the inside? Many women, at one point or another, will reflect on, wonder about, perhaps even struggle with self and/or body image, aging gracefully, and what femineity to manifest.

This is an invitation to a journey of self-discovery, where the medium of speech is enhanced by that of photography.

Come and rediscover yourself, find out what you don’t know yet about yourself – underused talents, untapped resources and unspoken hopes. Photography, like a mirror, will help you truly see yourself. Whatever questions you may have, aspirations or doubts will become much clearer, acting as an accelerator for any reflection, mental deep dive you want to engage in. Decide what you want the world to know about you.

Meet Alexandra, an accredited coach, with a ten-year track record of journeying with individual clients to meet their deepest aspirations. Come for an exploratory chat to see whether this is your time to delve into who you are and want to be. This may be your moment to reflect, realize and recraft. Through powerful and safe conversations, come and encounter your authentic self and embark on an inner journey towards greater contentment and acceptance.

Meet also Carmen, an experienced photographer, a woman with a track record of powerful use of photography for personal branding.

Alexandra and Carmen have teamed up to offer a unique product: using photography to help you connect with yourself in a completely new and beneficial way.

Indeed, as a form of non-verbal communication, photography makes it possible to create a profound connection with your intimate self and thus becomes a tool for personal exploration.

The photo session can be a springboard into your coaching program or can be positioned after one or two coaching conversations, as a natural complement.

Looking at your photos is likely to be a place of revelation, but also of inspiration for that future self which you can journey towards. You will feel thoughts and emotions emerge which will lead to insights, nourish your insight and reflections, and thus naturally find their place during our coaching conversations.

What is included in the “Celebrate Your Femininity” program?

Because everyone is unique, our package will be customized to your needs but here are its key features:

Be assured of our complete confidentiality.

You will leave with a recommendation for a personalized journey featuring the relevant number of sessions and the appropriate timing of your photo session. Because such a process is inherently dynamic, you will however be able to revisit it and adjust it as you go along, so that it always feels personally relevant and supportive.

Contact us to begin that personal journey of self-exploration or to discuss a gift for a cherished friend!