First Birthday Session Guide

SESSION INFORMATION & WHAT TO EXPECT First Birthday photography can be incredibly challenging, but I work with other small business owners in order to offer my clients unique First Birthday sessions.There’s some prep and planning involved to make the shoot more successful so I have compiled a list to help us get the most out … Continue reading First Birthday Session Guide

YOU are your brand

It’s never too early to create your professional brand. Lately, I have seen a growing interest from young adults, in need of business images for their LinkedIn profile or to put on their resume.Usually, they are in their final years of University, or are preparing to enter the workforce. They might have just started gaining … Continue reading YOU are your brand

How Personal Branding Photography can help your business

“Verba volant, scripta manent” states the Latin proverb, meaning: “Spoken words fly away, written words remain”. You might be asking yourself why this is relevant for Personal Branding photography? You always think before opening your mouth to say something. This principle should be even more important when posting something online, especially when you want to communicate WHO … Continue reading How Personal Branding Photography can help your business


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