Dress code for Women Leaders

“Dressing well is a form of good manners.”
  Tom Ford

I am often asked to offer advice regarding what to wear for a photo session.
More and more women in their 40s and 50s have the opportunity to advance in their career and they recognize the importance of wearing clothes that cast an image that is charismatic and confident while still remaining feminine.

I have talked with Elena Beyens – a highly experienced Style and Image consultant from Zurich and here is a summary of Elena´s recommendations:

Dress according to your body type

Look for clothes that suit your body shape and emphasize all the right features. When you are comfortable in your clothes you convey a powerful and efficient image. Clothes that fit you perfectly make you look powerful and stylish.

Dress according to your age

Create a classic wardrobe but be original – your office wardrobe should reflect your personality. Choose high quality fabrics, in simple colors (red, navy blue, emerald green or black and white) and mix and match your pieces in order to create multiple outfits. A simple midi dress with either a turtle or a boat neckline can be the perfect choice. Add an elegant blazer and some statement jewelry to create a very sophisticated look.

Elena recommends shoes you can stand in all day. The shoes should complete your look.

For a casual look you can instead select a pair of classic jeans with an elegant blazer.

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