Cake Smash Sessions

A child might not remember the flavor of his first birthday cake but will always be able to feel the love of the parents that went into making it.

Celebrate your child’s first birthday with a Cake Smash Photo session!

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When should you book a Cake Smash session?

It’s best to schedule the photo session when the child is between 11- 14 months old.

What will the Cake Smash Session look like?

On Best Behavior: First, we will have some photos with your baby dressed in festive clothes, on his/her own and together with you, the parents (and siblings, if there are any).

Child at Play: Then the FUN begins! The baby can do whatever she/ he wants: taste the cake, play with it, and even SMASH the cake.

Every child is different and the joy is in capturing his/her unique ways of celebrating a special life moment, to cherish for years to come. And don’t worry about the baby eating too much sugar—most kids are too busy playing to eat too much!

What do you need for the session?

You bring the cake and the baby, I will provide EVERYTHING else: decorations, accessories, outfits (tutus, hair bands, necklaces for girls, suspenders, hats and ties for boys) based on your color preferences.

If you need help finding an amazing cake, I encourage you to check out Nadia Roos’ handy work at

After the Cake Smash fun is done, we can have a Bathtub session so the baby is clean again 🙂

The baby’s first birthday is a special day! Do something different AND fun: contact me at to book your Cake Smash session.

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Celebrate Your Baby’s First Birthday in a Unique Way.

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